Lose Weight Fast on the Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet

The Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet is designed for quick weight loss. The purpose is to help heart patients take off weight in a matter of days to prepare them for open heart surgery. It has to be fast as three days, as this is the longest amount of time doctors could give some patients before their heart surgeries.

Although the Mayo Clinic does not endorse the diet for general use, it has become a popular 3-day diet for many people. Models or actors who need to lose weight fast, even people with a high school reunion coming up have used the diet with good results. Many people lose as much six pounds on the diet, and occasionally more. Larger people are the ones who tend to lose more weight.

But aside from being an quick slim-down diet for people who just want to lose a few pounds, The Mayo Clinic Diet can be used to jump start a long-term diet program that is less restrictive. Besides, it is not advisable to continue the diet beyond the prescribed three days. To prolong this very restrictive diet beyond this point is not healthy in the long run.

The Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet is also known as the Grapefruit Diet because you are required to eat a portion of the fruit at the start of every meal. This is because grapefruit contains enzymes that help digestion and also promote fat burning. It is important that you eat the grapefruit first to get the full effect of this body chemical process for quick weight loss.

The diet involves a specific combination of foods designed to accelerate your metabolism and help you flush excess toxins and fluids from your body. The precise food combinations and the effect they have on body chemistry is the reason the Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet works so quickly.

On the diet, you will be eating three meals a day, strictly no in-between-meals snacking. Remember, this is only for three days, so giving up snacks shouldn’t be a big deal. There are a few foods that are restricted entirely: bread products, pasta, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, white onions and sugar in general. You will also need to avoid dairy products, including cheese, milk and even yogurt.

Every meal must start with half a large grapefruit or four ounces of unsweetened grapefruit juice. Note that using sweetened grapefruit juice will not give you best results.

Breakfast on the Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet should consist of two eggs, done anyway you like, and two slices of bacon. Make sure that you are using regular bacon for this, and not substituts like turkey bacon or tofu bacon. You may use as much butter as you like.

Lunch will consist of a portion of any meat, and any kind of salad. You can even indulge as long as you do not eat any of the prohibited foods. Remember, you need these foods to burn fat, so trying to starve yourself would be counter productive.

For dinner, you will again have a portion of meat and any vegetables you like that are not on the restricted foods list. Again, you may use butter – real butter and not margarine.

That’s the Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet in a nutshell – make sure to eat grapefruit before every meal, and be sure to stick with the prescribed food combinations. This will help you drop the pounds quicker than you ever thought possible. And remember, this is strictly only for 3 days.

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